Christmas 2023 Cut-Off Dates

Hello Brickheads!

Yes, that time is almost upon us once again!
With that being said, we recommend placing your holiday orders now (or sooner rather than later) to make sure they arrive with enough time to spare. We will also be away at Oz Comic Con Melbourne at the start of December which has altered our Team's availabilities. Orders placed after the below dates may still arrive before Christmas, but are not Australia Post guaranteed.

Please note: the below are slightly refined dates based on our realistic handling times and expected boost in packages.

Holiday Cut-Off FAQ is also available at the bottom of this page.


First, A Note About Open Pre-Orders

We can not guarantee any open (not yet fulfilled) Pre-Orders will arrive before Christmas, just in case. This doesn't mean that they won't arrive, just that we cannot predict when they would arrive, by the time they arrive here, go through their handling time, and are shipped out.
Please subscribe to our email mailing list for regular Pre-Order updates, viewable at the bottom of our emails. These dates give the best week-by-week (even day-by-day) update as to what is arriving when!



Regular Mail Parcels

WA and NT: Last Purchase In Stock Items 14th December, 12pm AEDT
Everywhere Else: Last Purchase In Stock Items 18th December, 12pm AEDT

Express Mail Parcels

Victoria: Last Purchase In Stock Items 21st December, 12pm AEDT
Everywhere Else: Last Purchase In Stock Items 19th December, 12pm AEDT

Untracked Letters (Pokemon/Trading Cards/LEGO Pieces or minifigures not purchased with tracking)

Everywhere Else: (TO BE ANNOUNCED)



~In Order of Soonest Date~
Time shown is in Australian Eastern Daylight Time, not in your local timezone.


Cut-Off / Last (In Stock Item) Order Date

Finland (DATE PASSED) 22nd November, 12pm AEDT
South Africa (DATE PASSED) 22nd November, 12pm AEDT
Malaysia and Singapore (DATE PASSED) 29th November, 12pm AEDT
Mexico (DATE PASSED) 30th November, 12pm AEDT
Europe: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden (DATE PASSED) 30th November, 12pm AEDT
New Zealand (DATE PASSED) 3rd December, 9am AEDT
United Kingdom (DATE PASSED) 3rd December, 9am AEDT
United States and Canada (DATE PASSED) 3rd December, 9am AEDT





If my order contains In Stock items and Pre-Order items, will any of it ship before this date?

No, but there is one exception stated below. Only orders placed before the Cut-Off and with only In Stock items can be guaranteed to ship before these dates. 
*There is one exception: if you have several orders that each have a combination of In Stock and Pre-Order items, our Team will automatically consolidate these to ship out all In Stock items as quickly as possible. View our Shipping Policy here.

What if I order one minute after the Cut-Off, will my order not ship?

Our Team will be doing our absolute best to ship as many orders as possible that were placed in the remainder of the business day after the Cut-Off (which is why the Cut-Off's are mid-day, or early). Whether or not we can work on slightly later orders will completely depend on how many orders are set to ship out that day.

We recommend ordering now, or well before these dates, for more guaranteed arrival in case there are any delays for any reasons. Or in case the item you're looking at completely sells out.

Will my Pre-Order ship before these dates?

This will depend on what the Pre-Order is. We cannot guarantee that any currently open Pre-Orders will be available before this time, however, many will be.


Important Note: Brickheads Collectables is not responsible if items do not arrive in time for Christmas. While we do our very best, there may be unforeseen delays with the postal company or with some items (therefore meaning handling time delays). 


The Brickheads Collectables Team
26th October 2023