Pre-Order Updates November-December 2023

Hello Brickheads!

Welcome to our new page for all things (current) Pre-Order!
We'll be updating this to include all Pre-Orders, and we'll be keeping it updated through November-December.

We recommend checking here before contacting our Team for all up to date information. The Team only have access to this page, they will not be able to supply any extra information. 

Please let us know if a Squad isn't here, and we'll fix that for you.
This information is also supplied at the bottom of our emails; we recommend subscribing. 


Recently Fully Shipped:

-Shipment ONE Halloween Hello Kitty Squad
-5inch Christmas Holiday Assortments
-12inch Original Squad
-7.5” Christmas Holiday Assortments
-12” FuzzAMallows Assortment A
-12” FuzzAMallows Assortment C
-Shipment ONE: 7.5inch Wave 16 C (Rhino, Black Poodle, Frog, etc.)
-Squishville 4 Packs, From Pre-Orders 1-4
-Another shipment of Halloween 7inch Costumes
-Shipment ONE: 10” Peppa Pig
-Shipment ONE: 4” Holiday Ornaments (Nutcracker Mouse, etc.)
-Shipment ONE: 16” Opossum, Mushroom, Scottish Fold Cat
-Shipment ONE: 5” Wave 17
-Shipment FULL: 7” Wave 17 A
-Shipment ONE: 7” Wave 17 B
-Shipment ONE: 10” Hugmees

Currently Arriving Between 24th November-28th November:
-Shipment TWO: 10” Peppa Pig
-Wave 17 14"
-Wave 17 12" Stackables (Monkey, Axolotl, Dragon, Triceratops, Cardinal, Frog)
-Shipment ONE: Wave 17 Clip On Full Sets


Currently Arriving November: (any dates listed may change)
-Next Shipment of Ornaments (to ship this week - to late November)
-Next (final required from Pre-Order 5) Shipment of Squishville 4 Packs (Prehistoric, Pep, Fall Friends, Perfect Pairs)
-Shipment TWO Halloween Hello Kitty
-Any remaining Halloween 7inch Costumes
-Shipment TWO: Wave 17 5"
-Wave 17 (A and B) 16"


Currently Arriving December: (any dates listed may change)
-Wave 17 A and B 12inch Squishmallows

Currently Arriving January: (any dates listed may change)
-12" Original Squad Assortment 2 (Axolotl, Frog, Cow, Alien, Mushroom, Duck)


If your Pre-Order includes items from other Pre-Orders arriving at later dates, we will not be able to ship your order until all items are ready for shipment.
If you have two or more open Pre-Orders, your orders may be automatically combined/consolidated in order to ship more items out quicker.
(Please see our Shipping Policy for more information.)