New 7.5inch Squishmallows!

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  • AUGUST UPDATE Shipping Rates: USA & Canada

    Due to rising costs since the new financial year, unfortunately we have been given a slight change in our shipping costs for two tiers of shipping weights.

    These have been reverted back to the original rates we always used to charge (earlier 2022 and before). Shipping rates have been updated and will show correctly in-cart.

    Please note: aside from lowering these prices before the financial year, we haven't changed or raised the international shipping rates beyond their prices since commencing our international shipping!

  • May 2022 'Item Limit Per Customer' Policy Update

    Unfortunately, due to our Policy being repeatedly broken, we now have to charge our Cancellation & Restocking Fee on all orders that are cancelled because they have broken the Item Limit Per Customer Policy.
    This is because we lose this amount in fees each time we cancel an order. It is the same fee as any standard order cancellation.

    This information will also be stated on the product pages of current relevant Pre-Orders. 
    For more detail, please see our latest post:

    View Details Here 
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