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How To Contact Us:

  • For speedier service on quick questions, we recommend messaging our Team directly via the Chat button!
  • For detailed order or transit/delivery inquiries and concerns please email directly or via the contact form below.
  • Please do not email our No-Reply email address. This goes unchecked and will not receive a response.
  • Please expect a response within 1-5 business days, in most cases.
  • We receive so many requests a day, we ask that you please send only one email or message to speed up the process for Team members.
  • Please only use one email chain, as individual emails are treated as separate queries in our system. This can mean a lot of information is missed.

Online Hours:

-Monday to Friday 10am–6pm AEST
-Saturday and Sunday 12pm–4pm AEST (limited staff)

Please keep in mind we are based in Australia, as this will alter response times for overseas customers.

*Please note: our Team stays back late some evenings, and will be active during those times.

If you choose to contact our Team, please see our Terms of Service.

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*Please note, we can no longer state when we will host another Pre-Order or when there are to be stock drops. This is because of the harassment, abuse, bullying and overall very negative behaviour and responses our staff have received in the past. We ask at this time that you please do not contact our staff asking when items will be up for sale, as they are not able to provide any answers.
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