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Please only email us about your query once, and quote your order number for faster service. Please be specific where necessary!

Because we are in a different time zone to many of our customers, we ask that you please allow up to 3 business days to receive a response.

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Our Customer Service Team is available 10am-6pm AEDT, Monday-Friday. If your query is a quick question or is not Order specific, we recommend contacting us via live chat instead. 


Important Note About Pre-Orders:

We ask that you please do not email or message our Team asking when Pre-Order items will be back in stock, or back up for sale. We are receiving too many queries to keep up, and we are not able to answer any of these questions. *

*Please note, we can no longer state when we will host another Pre-Order or when there are to be stock drops. This is because of the harassment, abuse, bullying and overall negative behaviour our staff have received in the past around timed releases. We have posted statements about this in the past, and when we stopped offering this. This is starting to happen again, and we need to look after our staff during these hectic periods.
To a lesser extent, we still receive this during any Pre-Order, but the competitiveness about timed releases completely amplified this.
We ask at this time that you please do not contact our staff asking when items will be up for sale, as they are not able to provide any answers.

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