Cancellation Policy

Order/Item Cancellation Policy

The following Terms and Conditions are based on and are enforceable through Australian Consumer Laws.

Brickheads Collectables is a Registered Australian Business. By completing any online purchases you agree to the Cancellation Policies outlined below and your compliance with these policies.

Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to cancel any order from any customer, just as they reserve the right to fulfil any order from any customer.

Date Last Updated: 13th March 2022

Revisions and Updates:

  • If Brickheads Collectables has to cancel an order or an item due to breaking our Item Limit Per Customer policy, Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to charge our standard 10% Cancellation & Restocking Fee. 
  • The term Cancellation & Restocking Fee is replacing the term Cancellation Fee.
  • Due to ongoing and rising costs of business and our platform, the Cancellation fee has risen to a flat 10% on all customer-requested Cancellations. As always, this fee is taken from the otherwise refundable amount, it is not charged separately.

Cancellation Policy:

This Policy may be updated at any time, to ensure it is as relevant as possible.
The Policy includes but is not limited to the below information. If a cancellation circumstance arises that falls outside of the below mentioned, the Brickheads Collectables Team will always use discretion in dealing with any situation as fairly as possible, as well as using this Policy's Terms and Conditions as a basis for all decisions.
All laws are based on Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and are applicable whether an item has been purchased by an Australian resident, or by anyone from Overseas.
    1. We offer cancellations on orders with information not already sent off to the warehouse, and/or packed, and/or shipped. If your package is in any of these stages, it is too late to cancel. Once the picking and packing has commenced, most orders leave here within 24 hours. We require more than 24 hours notice on a cancellation.
    2. Before we charge any cancellation & restocking fee, you will be told, and if appropriate, you will receive a link to our Cancellation Policy webpage. By sending this information we expect it to be read by our customers and all items within to be complied with. 
          i. The Cancellation Fee is a flat 10% rate. This helps pay for the fees it costs us to cancel, and administration costs.
  1. If your order/item meets the above criteria and is applicable for cancellation, customers will have three options:
    To replace the item/s for item/s of the same or a similar value.
         i. This is only applied at Brickheads Collectables' discretion.
         ii. Applicable usually only with items of the same type and value.
         iii. Acts in the case where a customer has ordered a wrong item.
    b. To cancel the item/s or entire order for store credit, issued as either a gift card or discount code.
         i. To be used on this Online store only. (Not eBay, Not In-Store, etc.)
    c. To cancel the item/s or entire order for a Cancellation & Restocking Fee. This is taken out of the amount that would otherwise be refunded.

i. The Cancellation & Restocking Fee is a flat 10% rate. This helps pay for the fees it costs us to cancel, and administration costs. It is removed from the order total where an entire order is cancelled, or an item, if an item is cancelled. It is not charged separately.
ii. The Cancellation Fee is applied to the order total if in the case of an entire order cancellation; or if in the case of individual item cancellation, it is applied to the item cancelled.
iii. The Cancellation Fee is taken out of the refundable amount, it is not separately billed or taken out of your account.

  1. Once an item/order has been cancelled and a refund has been initiated, you are no longer entitled to receive that item. If you wish to purchase the item, you must re-order the item. We do not send items that have been cancelled in any of the aforementioned ways, and/or otherwise.


Times We Don't Charge Cancellation Fees:

These are select cases that are initiated and processed by us, Brickheads Collectables, therefore we do not charge our customers any fees for the below unless exceptions apply. Change and exceptions are always made at Brickheads Collectables' discretion and may be updated at any time to fit the purpose of each individual complaint.

    • If we have combined two or more separate orders for the same customer into one shipment, and are refunding excess postage charged. 
    • When we are refunding excess postage charged.
    • If an item purchased is out of stock, and/or cannot be stocked in a reasonable amount of time. You will be warned of this during or prior to any cancellation.
    • If multiple items have been purchased that had a Limit of x Per Customer, this will be cancelled automatically by us.
      If Brickheads Collectables has to cancel ANY ORDER order due to breaking our Item Limit Per Customer policy, Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to charge our standard 10% Cancellation & Restocking Fee. This is usually the case once a customer has been warned via email, or if this information is stated on the Product Page explaining that this could be a possible outcome.
      However, a repeat offender runs the risk of having their account deactivated, cancelled, deleted, banned, and may be charged the Cancellation Fee based on how many times our staff have had to cancel orders.


Other Questions and Answers:

    • Returns are not cancellations. These are handled separately and with different policies. This includes if in the rare case items arrive damaged, etc.. This is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the nature of the return request.
    • Under Australian laws we are not required to nor obligated to cancel or return any customer order due to ‘change of mind’. This covers any circumstance wherein a buyer has changed their mind, for any reason, since the completed original purchase. (e.g. Even if the order was placed one minute before).
    • Any items purchased In-Store are solely under the rules and regulations of the Mill Markets, and the Mill Markets staff's discretion in a case-by-case basis. We do not accept or process any In-Store refund/cancellation data here via this website.
    • Please note, some Squishmallows arrive to us with some marks and washable marks. We are not able to refund or replace any of these Squishmallows as they are more often than not, machine or hand washable. They arrive like this to us direct from the manufacturer, and they are only sent out to us because they have been approved and have passed Quality Control. We do not get refunds for these sorts of marks, as they’re not considered defects and these items are still considered fit for purpose. Please contact us if there are other defects, and we will resolve this. 


Multiple Duplicate Orders

Due to the growing amount of multiple duplicate orders from the same customer, we have revised rules and outcomes available below. This information is also available on our Cancellation Policy page.

  • This is now a 'three strikes' situation. If you have placed more than three orders and they are the same duplicate orders, (or contain the same duplicate item) you will be charged the standard Cancellation Fee, 10%, on all additional duplicate orders.
  • In some cases your Customer Account will be deactivated or banned. This means you will no longer have access to this account, and you may not make a purchase. Or, it may mean that if you place an order, the order is automatically cancelled.
  • If Brickheads Collectables has warned a customer, at any time; or has had to cancel more than one of this customer's orders due to breaking our Item Limit Per Customer policy; or has expressly written this as a possible outcome on the item's product page; Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to charge our standard 10% Cancellation & Restocking Fee.


Opting For Cancellation If An Order Was Undeliverable

As stated in our Shipping policy, sometimes an order comes back to us because for some reason it was not able to be delivered.

In these cases you will have the option to cancel your order for a full refund. Alternatively, you may be able to have it re-sent.
If the mistake was ours, we cover redelivery postage costs. If the mistake was on behalf of the buyer, we only ask that you pay 50% of the shipping fees originally charged.

Please note, if we contact you about this order and do not hear back you will be sent a second email stating that if you do not respond your order may be marked as Abandoned within an additional 7 days of no reply. If this occurs, you will no longer be eligible for a refund, as we do not have the space in our warehouse to store the package for an extended period, and your order may be destroyed.