'Item Limit Per Customer' Policy

Item Limit Per Customer Policy


Date Last Updated: 13th March 2022 

This Policy may be updated at any time, to ensure it is as relevant as possible.
The Policy includes but is not limited to the below information. Brickheads Collectables will use discretion in dealing with any situation that falls outside of the below information.

Disclaimer: Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to cancel any order from any customer, just as they reserve the right to fulfil any order from any customer.



We, Brickheads Collectables, always aim to provide our customers with the best service possible. We believe this includes creating Item Limits on rare/popular items to ensure as many of our customers as possible do not miss out on their newest collectables. We do not support reselling at exorbitant prices, which is why during a Pre-Order, we will often impose Item Limits Per Customer.

We aim to set out the Terms and Conditions below.
By purchasing on our website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions of sale.


At Brickheads Collectables we put our customers first, which means we do impose certain Item Per Customer limits on rare and hard to find products.

In addition to this, in relation to our customers' own safety on our website, we also run Fraud Analysis Checks, which show when multiple orders have been processed using the same information. This is for the benefit of our customers and so we are the first aware if something has gone wrong, in any way. This information is able to be used for any order information. This information is not shared outside of our website. 

The below Terms & Conditions include any items purchased in a larger quantity than is permitted, whether this is in the same order or if it is in separate orders.


Terms & Conditions

  1. If any item states 'Limit Per Customer' with or without a number amount, in any section of the title and/or product page, Brickheads Collectables reasonably assumes this to be adhered to. This may be a Pre-Order item, or it may be a regular item.
  2. If any item stating the above is purchased, your entire order, or the duplicate item may be cancelled and refunded immediately, or any time until point of shipment.
  3. Please note, any refunds from cancellations are initiated by us immediately, however the funds may take between 2-7 business days to arrive back into the account. This may depend on payment method. Brickheads Collectables is not directly responsible for the amount of time it may take to receive a refund due to the payment method's third-party status.
  4. If you are from outside of Australia, the amount refunded may differ due to daily/current exchange rates. Brickheads Collectables is not responsible for any loss of money in exchange rate changes.
  5. We are not required to inform you that the item is about to be cancelled as it is assumed that by placing an order on this website all customers are aware of the rules, particularly those listed on product pages and are seen before purchase. However as a courtesy, we are often able to send an email about this beforehand. You will also receive an automated cancellation email and/or text message.
  6. If multiple items have been purchased that had a Limit of x Per Customer, this will be cancelled automatically by us. We do not charge Cancellation Fees on first case basis. 
    If Brickheads Collectables has to cancel more than one order due to breaking this policy, Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to charge the standard 10% Cancellation & Restocking Fee at any point as this is the fee we are charged to cancel an order.
    Usually this is the case after a customer has been warned via email; explained to that this could be a possible outcome; or, if this is explicitly written on the item's product page.
    A repeat offender also runs the risk of having their account deactivated, cancelled, deleted, banned, and may be charged the Cancellation Fee based on how many times our staff have had to cancel orders.
  7. Your order may be cancelled due to the 'Item Limit Per Customer' Policy for reasons including, but not limited to:
          i. Duplicate Address on Orders
          ii. Duplicate Email Address on Orders
          iii. Duplicate Phone Numbers on Orders
          iv. PayPal Email Address/Account Information
          v. Credit Card Name Information (Fraud Analysis)
          vi. Fraud Analysis Failure 
          vii. Multiple Orders Using the Same IP Address
          viii. Any Customer Information Willingly Left at our Disposal
  8. Brickheads Collectables will always use discretion in determining if an order has been duplicated, using the above information and anything else at our disposal. We will always choose two or more reasons before cancelling an order under the Item Limit Per Customer Policy.
  9. If an Item has once had an Item Limit, but it is no longer stated on any titles or product pages, there is no longer a Limit Per Customer.
          i. Usually in the case where an item was originally up for Pre-Order with a limit, but has since come in stock.
  10. Brickheads Collectables maintains the right to refuse service to any customer for any reason, including repeat offence of the Item Limit Per Customer Policy. This includes but is not limited to blocking/banning customers from this website or social media accounts. We do not tolerate any bullying or harassing behaviour in regards to any decisions made, or otherwise. This behaviour may also result in the above outcomes. We take our staff's mental health at work, very seriously.


Multiple Duplicate Orders

Due to the growing amount of multiple duplicate orders from the same customer, we have revised rules and outcomes available below. This information is also available on our Cancellation Policy page.

  • In some cases your Customer Account will be deactivated. This means you will no longer have access to this account, and you may not make a purchase.
  • If Brickheads Collectables has warned a customer, at any time, and has had to cancel more than one of this customer's orders due to breaking our Item Limit Per Customer policy, Brickheads Collectables reserves the right to charge our standard 10% Cancellation & Restocking Fee on any/all orders.