COMING SOON: 12 Types of 12" Flip-A-Mallows!

COMING SOON: 12 Types of 12" Flip-A-Mallows!

That's Right, You Read Correctly...

There are Twelve New and Incoming 12 inch Flip-A-Mallow Squishmallows heading our way Down Under!

Although these aren't yet available for Pre-Order, they will be very soon and we will be updating everyone via Social Media as we go along.

For a full, visual list of the new styles, view our 'Coming Soon' page!
Or, view these on the Flip-A-Mallows Category Page!

There are some old favourites and new faces available in this new range.

FAQ You Need to Know:

  • These are not yet up for Pre-Order. They will be announced to everyone at the same time! (Questions about when this opens will not be answered)
  • Why are they marked as Sold Out? They are marked as sold out because there is 0 quantity of stock currently available. 
  • As always, these will be limited to One of each Per Customer. During Pre-Orders, especially in Round 1, we only allow One per customer of each type. Why? Although we make it very clear we do not support the reselling of popular items at exorbitant prices, we also do this so many more customers may receive one.
  • Sign up for Email Notifications Now! Want to know when they're up for Pre-Order? You may now go on the product pages of any of the 12 new types under the 'Coming Soon' page and sign up for emails! You will have to do this for each individual product.
  • Each Product Image Displaying Two Squishmallows is Representative of their Reversible Nature. Once purchased, you will receive one Squishmallow that turns inside out.

Are you as excited as we are about the incoming

- The Brickheads Collectables Team
   Friday 5th February, 2021

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