Discontinued Aussie Squishmallows (These Will Not Come Back in Stock)

These Squishmallows are discontinued here in Australia. As far as we have been told, they will not be stocked again because they're discontinued and completely sold out at the Australian supplier. 

This list is not complete but contains our most asked-after items.This list is demonstrative for customers who may search for certain products on our website.

We do not claim that these will never come back out, as this is completely up to KellyToy and the supplier, but as of this stage, they are discontinued in our country. 

12 Inch

     2020 Releases

    - Ophelia the Octopus (Clip On, 5 inch and 12 inch all discontinued)
    - Brina the Bigfoot (Clip On, 5 inch and 12 inch all discontinued)
    - Tyler the T-Rex (Clip On, 5 inch and 12 inch all discontinued)
    - Sydnee the Squirrel
    - Florence the Blue Fox
    - Kya the Koala (Sequin Belly)


    February 2021 Releases

    - Hello Kitty and Friends Squishmallows - 6 types are discontinued. 

      Also commonly known by our customers as Sanrio or Food Hello Kitty
    Included in this Assortment:

    • Sundae/Cupcake Pom Pom Purin
    • Burger Pom Pom Purin
    • Milkshake Tuxedo Sam
    • Sundae Tuxedo Sam
    • Watermelon My Melody
    • Ice Cream My Melody


    - Maggie the Stingray
    - Jacinda the Poodle
    - Micromallows (all)
    - 24 inch Stackables
    - 20 inch 


    Hi! I own 97 Squishmallows and I just wanted to say that it’s the best thing ever


    Hi! Since it’s Australian exclusive I’m wondering if this will also now be the Canadian as well? Just wondering as both countries get the same products and squads. They have the same tags as well. Are you able to answer this?


    Hi Julia!
    Yes, the Micromallows Series 1 are discontinued here in Australia. This means they are no longer being produced or sold by the supplier, some stores may still have these. However, Series 2 is the current series.
    We hope this helps!
    Brickheads Collectables

    Brickheads Collectables

    Uhm, I don’t think Micromallows are discontinued I just got some?


    Hi Mikayla!
    Soraya is definitely a real Squishmallow – we have her available to purchase on our website!
    We had her named as a Leopard rather than a Cheetah, but if you wish to find her simply search Soraya here on our website!
    Most Squishmallows do not have rarities, as they are mostly sent out to (us) retailers in Squad cases with (usually) equal amounts of each. However, if a Squishmallow is popular, we have seen people state that they are rare.
    We hope this helps!
    Brickheads Collectables

    Brickheads Collectables

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