PAX Melbourne: October 2022 ~ Affected Online Hours & Order Handling Times

Hello Brickheads!

We’re here to make a quick announcement that all of our Team will be away from the 6th October, until the 10th October. We will be at PAX Melbourne!

During the dates of 1st-5th October, we will also have limited staff available for online and customer service responses.
This is because, as with any convention, our entire Team will be getting everything ready for PAX. Those who aren’t, will be working to ship out all possible online orders before this period of everyone being away.

For those of you who wish to come visit us at PAX, we’d love to see you there! We will only be stocking LEGO products, mainly Minifigures. 


Current ‘Open’ Orders:

Our Team are committed to getting as many packages as possible out, as quickly as possible, so that you don’t have to wait an extended period for your order to ship! 

This does mean that any current orders (as today, 28th September) will not be able to be changed/edited/cancelled, etc. as we all work to have these picked, packed, booked for shipment, and picked up from our location. 
This is because, editing these orders does very much affect the chain, and the speed with which our Team can operate. Those who are packing orders, have been instructed to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible so we don’t get too far behind in the lead up to, and ultimately, during PAX. 


Orders Placed While We’re Away:

Our Team will be back in the warehouse on Tuesday the 11th October. PAX closes on the Sunday night, but our Team will be packing up our stall on the Monday and driving back home! (We are not a Melbourne operated business; we’re located in regional Victoria). Not only this, but it does take a while to unpack and sort out the warehouse after any convention.

This is why we’re suggesting it will be too late for our Team to ship the following orders until later: orders placed between Wednesday 5th-Wednesday 12th October.
Please expect some handling time delays on some packages until the 14th of October, while we catch up on everything! We expect before or during the 14th-17th we will be operating as usual, and many packages will have already been shipped out, or at the very least, picked and packed.

Please see the entire timeframe visually laid out below:
This timeframe also includes customer service responses, both on our chat system as well as our email Team.


Saturday 1st October – Wednesday 5th October
Our Team will be working to ship out as many packages as possible, meaning all staff are on deck! This may mean some delayed customer service responses while every Team Member works on orders.

Wednesday 5th October – Wednesday 12th October
Our Team will be away attending, coming back, and then unpacking from, PAX Melbourne. During this time, no packages will be able to have been shipped / leave our warehouse.

Wednesday 12th October – Friday 14th October
Most orders will be picked, packed, booked for shipment, and some will have been picked up from our warehouse between these dates. 

Friday 14th October – Monday 17th October
Our Team will be using this weekend to ensure everything is back to business as usual. After this time period, it is our aim to have caught up on almost everything, if not everything.



We wanted to be very open and transparent with our Customers about what it means for our online orders during a convention. We apologise in advance for any handling time issues, and we will be doing everything we can to work around this (both before and during PAX).
A lot of work and extra hours goes in to organising these events, by all staff, and this can alter all online-based work for a period of up to two weeks as discussed above.


We thank you, as always, for being along this journey with us! We hope that wherever you are in the world, you’re having a lovely day and are keeping safe and well out there.
-The entire Brickheads Collectables Team
26th September, 2022

Updated 2nd October: edited for clarity, and a more visual timeline was added.

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