Pre-Order Update: 31st December 2022

Pre-Order Update: 31st December 2022

Hello Brickheads!

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your patience in waiting for our Plush Pre-Orders. Please note: our Team understands and works hard to ship these out as quickly as possible.

We ask that our customers please keep in mind the Terms of Service when speaking with, and contacting, our Team Members. 

Updated 31st December

  • Hugmees 14inch Squishmallows: Assortment B is on its way and is nearly in our warehouse! Expected to start shipping before too long!
    Assortment A is not yet on its way.

Updated 30th November

  • 7.5inch Sealife/Deep Sea Squad: *Stock issue, we did not receive these in our order. Recommended delivery time now set back to late November. We are receiving these in increments, and the first shipment of these is set to arrive and start shipping out this week! To be shipped out in order of purchase; where possible. (e.g. order did not contain other Pre-Orders, etc.)
  • 8inch Stackable Squad: Shipped.
  • 12inch Fruit & Vegetables Squad: December
  • 12inch Farm Squad: *If you have placed an order, please check your emails for direct information.
  • 7inch Summer Sealife Squad (Round 2): Early December


    We are still awaiting a response for an update on:

    • 7inch Blacklight Squad (Round 3)


    Please check back for more updates, we will be aiming to update this post as often as new information is supplied.


    **We ask that you please keep in mind: once these have left the supplier, and are on their way via the shipping company, there may be unforeseen delays in the timeframes given to us.

    ***Just as we have no control over when we will receive our stock, we also have no control over, or access to, information as to if or when other stores are to receive their stock. By Pre-Ordering, our customers are securing their items, this does not guarantee we will be the first to get them. 


    *Please note, we can no longer state when we will host another Pre-Order or when there are to be stock drops. This is because of the harassment, abuse, bullying and overall negative behaviour our staff have received in the past around timed releases. We have posted statements about this in the past, and when we stopped offering this.
    To a lesser extent, we still receive this during any Pre-Order, but the competitiveness about timed releases completely amplified this. We ask at this time that you please do not contact our staff asking when items will be up for sale, as we are not able to provide any answers.


    Important Note About Pre-Orders:

    • If your order contains multiple types of Pre-Orders, your order may be held for shipment until all items are ready to ship out. Separate Squads often can arrive in our warehouse on different days/weeks/months.
    • It also may not be possible to cancel, alter, or edit any part of any orders depending on when they arrive at our warehouse. Please see our Shipping and Cancellation policies for more information.

    We hope you have a lovely week ahead,
    The Brickheads Collectables Team
    5th April, 2022
    Updated: 30th November

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