Squishville: Pre-Order ROUND 2 Now Open!

Squishville: Pre-Order ROUND 2 Now Open!

Pre-Order NOW! Click Here.

If you miss out, there may be more to come!

Once sold out, you may sign up for email notifications for when it is restocked for Round Three.

Expected Ship/Release Date: Mid-Late October 2021

Pre-Order Q & A:

  • We will be receiving a very large stock amount of these sets, however we do expect some styles to sell out faster than others.
  • There will be a limit of ONE of each style, of each type per customer/address/person. We find and remove all duplicate orders.
    So, for example, you may purchase all variants of the 4 Pack, but you may not purchase more than one of each 4 Pack style.
  • Multiples of the Mystery Capsules is allowed.
  • Please note your order may or may not be cancelled on the same day as purchase. It may only be cancelled on the day of shipment, or anywhere in between. 
  • Any advertised prices may be subject to change as the months go on and some items prices may have changed. You will not be charged extra if you have already Pre-Ordered.
  • As per our usual rules, in-stock items ordered along with Pre-Order products will not be shipped until all items in the order are ready to ship out. 
  • Different Types and/or Styles will be arriving in separate weeks. Due to this, some orders will have items held before shipment, and other orders may be sent earlier/in split shipments. 
  • Separate orders going to the same customer may qualify for Order Consolidation. Please note in most cases it does not mean there is able to be a shipping discount or refund, as it is more expensive to send larger boxes. To avoid this, please purchase in the one order where possible. 
    This is also due to products being released on different dates. Some packages may ship with a mix of items.
  • Please note shipping times will vary. Our Team always work very hard to ship out orders quickly, but in some cases your similar order may not be shipped on the same day as another customer's order.
  • Please be advised we will not be taking any requests for Mystery or Choose Your Own items. These items will be completely random.
  • If for whichever reason we do not receive the stock amount/s we have ordered, you will be contacted with options. This has not happened before, but we do have to plan for contingency. 
  • If at any point you wish to contact us about your Pre-Order, please send an email with your Order Number, name and a description of the items along with your query. Please do not send these requests to Social Media Staff as only our Customer Service Team can handle any requests including personal information. 
  • As per our recent modifications to Pre-Orders due to bullying and harassment, we will not be advertising when these go live for Pre-Order. We will also no longer be tolerating any of the abusive and extremely uncalled for negative behaviour we have received in the past. It is within our discretion to create a safe and positive space for the Squishmallow Community as well as for our Team members. 


Before making a Pre-Order purchase, we recommend reading the following Policies:
Item Limit Per Customer


Combining Shipments of Squishville:

Please note, at this stage we will not be refunding shipping costs to combine orders. This is because the individual styles will be staggered and coming out on different weeks/days. They will be consolidated or held for shipment accordingly by our Team. We are not able to alter this process, as we are getting a very large stock amount and cannot physically store the items, and with the large amount of orders we have to follow our protocols. 
Some orders will be shipped out in parts, or will be held for shipment at our discretion and based on when we find out each style/item will arrive in the warehouse. Some customers may find parts of two or more orders sent together because of this.
It will not be possible to refund any shipping costs due to us charging what we are paying for shipping.
We thank you very much for your understanding in this matter!


- The Brickheads Collectables Team
20th August 2021

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