Squishville Update: 15th December

Squishville Update: 15th December

Hello Brickheads!

Below is one of our final Squishville updates!

Latest news:

This is not a drill! We repeat, this is not a drill!
The supplier has received the much-awaited 4 Packs and Mystery Capsules. These are currently being picked and shipped to us, and we are expecting to receive these before the end of the week, or if not, by next week. 
This means we now have a proper delivery timeframe.
Please note: it will not be possible to edit/alter/add-to/remove or change any of these orders as the information has been sent off to the warehouse. By the minute the situation is evolving, and it is too late for any alterations.

What's happened last week?

Last week and this early week we received our 6 Packs and Large Playsets! Many of these have been shipped out already, and not to worry if yours hasn't just yet - we'll be working extra hard to ship these out ASAP for you all!

Some orders are being sent out together in parts, or individually. We are aiming for as many customers as possible to receive at least part of their order/s. This may not apply on all orders.

What's in stock?

These are being packed and sent over the weekend through to next week where applicable. Please note because of this, it will be impossible to edit, alter, add or cancel any items from these orders during this time. Our Support staff are also seeing a huge increase in requests, and may take a little extra time to be able to respond.

  • Vehicles
  • Accessory Sets
  • Medium Playsets
  • 2 Packs
  • 6 Packs
  • Large Playsets
  • 4 Packs (Here Soon)
  • Mystery Capsules (Here Soon)


Thank you for staying with us along this journey, we really appreciate your patience and kindness in this matter. We completely understand how frustrating this situation has been and we are so excited to finally be able to ship out the rest of your orders!

The Brickheads Collectables Team
15th December, 2021

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