Squishville Update - 21st October

Squishville Update - 21st October

Hello Brickheads!

We have had yet another update on the Squishville Pre-Order shipping timeframe! Although, this time we have been given more solid timeframes.

So, what happened last week? 

Last week, we first heard that Squishville had been delayed at Customs. They had not made their way to the supplier within the supplier's previously estimated timeframes. The supplier were awaiting their arrival in their warehouse.

What's happened this week?

A handful of things have happened this week:

  • Late this week, one big franchise-retailer had received some of their Squishville stock. This is because they had ordered an entire shipping container, and it would have gone directly from the wharf, to their warehouse.
  • We have heard from the supplier that they are starting to ship out Squishville stock from next week. This includes all retailers, independents and any other stockists and franchisees. This may be because due to the government COVID-19 restrictions, the supplier (based in Victoria) has been running on lower amounts of staff allowed at the warehouse, etc. 

What's next? 

The moment our Team receives the stock, we will all be working very hard to get out all orders ASAP. 
Because of this timeframe, by next week, it will be too late to edit, alter, cancel (any part of) your order. It may also be too late to change any address or contact information, etc.

A quick reminder:

We understand that everyone is very excited about the incoming Squishville (we are super excited too!) however, please note we are receiving dozens of emails, messages, etc. daily asking when these will ship out and it's becoming difficult to get to them all within the usual timeframe. Please allow up to 3 business days for a response so our Team can get to your request.

To be clear: the original shipping timeframe as stated on the product pages has not changed at this stage, and we are looking very good to meet the mid-late October estimation! We will keep you posted if we hear anything new that changes this.

We can only go by what we have been told by the supplier, as of today this information is correct and the most current update. We appreciate your patience at this time, and we really appreciate your kindness in any dealings with our Team Members, as this can be a very intense time for everyone involved. 

The Brickheads Collectables Team
21st October, 2021

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