UPDATE: 13th March 2022

Hello Brickheads!

With a growing amount of Pre-Order items up for sale within the last month, unfortunately, we have had to revise and remind our customers of two of our policies.

The following have been updated to reflect the growing amount of duplicate/multiple orders, and in some cases, the blatant refusal of our pre-existing Terms:


These policies are very important to us, and for a long time they have helped our Team Members and Customers alike. We care about our customers and want as many individuals as possible to have access to at least one item, of hard to find, collectable goodies.

Essentially, the standard Cancellation & Restocking Fee may now be applied when having to cancel (double+) offending orders. If a customer has been previously warned, this 10% fee may be applied when having to cancel the order. 

Each time Brickheads Collectables has to cancel one of these orders, or any double-items within orders, we lose this fee from our providers. Not only this, but we have been transparent with our customers for well over a year now that we do not want to contribute to the reselling-culture that causes so much stress, anxiety and upset within the community. We want all customers to have access to at least one item, and we have worked hard to do this in the fairest and most logical ways possible. The best way to do this, is to make it more difficult for customers to order more than one of these items.

Importantly, we have also seen a rise in the following: 
If you accidentally place an order, we ask kindly that you please do not place another order. This has been time and again picked up as fraudulent behaviour both by our Team and by our System. This is the type of issue that stops 2+ customers from being able to order, and is more likely to result in a full cancellation of all items, with our Cancellation & Restocking Fee. We understand that accidents happen, so we ask that you do not place 2+ orders, but send a quick email through to our Team instead so the situation can be remedied.

If you ever need to send through an email, please see our best contact option below: 

We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter, and we hope to continue to work on this situation, so as many customers as possible have access to these items.
-The Brickheads Collectables Team
13th March, 2022

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