UPDATE: Squishmallow Backpacks

UPDATE: Squishmallow Backpacks

*Please note this is an old article. The Backpacks have already been released (April) and 2 styles are still currently available!

Important Update

All Squishmallow Backpacks have been delayed with a release date now set for June 2021.

What does this mean for Pre-Orders?

  • The (unannounced) opening date for all Pre-Orders has now been pushed back. 
  • The Pre-Orders will not be happening in February or March.
  • The Pre-Order date will not be announced yet. As there have been delays, it's always possible there will be longer delays.
  • Everyone will still have equal chance, and there will be Pre-Orders going ahead, just not within the next 6 weeks.

We don't like having our customers pay for items that do not have concrete ETAs, and we will only be beginning Pre-Orders when we feel the date is closer, is more appropriate, or is a set release date.

Very Important:

  • Due to the huge volume of questions/messages/emails/comments we get about the Backpacks, we will no longer be answering any of these. Effective immediately. Public comments will also be deleted.
    This takes up a lot of time for social media staff, so it is best that we answer all questions here, instead of to individuals.
  • Please do not ask when these will be released, or when the Pre-Order will begin. The information we have is on each of the Backpacks' product pages already. Also, due to the large volume of requests, to be fair for everyone, we have to announce the release date to everyone at once.


We really appreciate your understanding in this matter!
- The Brickheads Collectables Team

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