Valentine's Day Squishmallows Have Arrived!

Valentine's Day Squishmallows Have Arrived!

Valentine's Day Holiday Exclusive Squishmallows Are Here!

Check out the 12 styles of 10 inch Valentine's Squishmallows now! Each is just waiting to find their forever home, with their human (or animal) friend to love!

Valentine's Squish:

  • Jayda the Jellyfish
  • Imogen the Owl
  • Dawn the Fawn/Deer
  • Esmerelda the Unicorn
  • Leslie the Llama
  • Flora the Fox
  • Chelsea the Cheetah/Leopard
  • Leonard the Lion (Multi-Colour Mane)
  • Raquel the Unicorn-Pegasus
  • Pammy the Purple Pig
  • Olina the Octopus


Each has their own Valentine's Day themed embroidery and unique style!

Get them while they last!



  • As far as we know, these will be the only type of Valentine's Day Squishmallows released here in Australia. 
  • There may be a restock on or around the 1st Feb.
  • If purchased to an Australian address before the 1st Feb, it should arrive in time for V-Day. If purchased after this date, it is likely to still arrive in time but not guaranteed. We also offer Express Post at checkout.
  • We are so sorry, but we do not guarantee these to arrive in time for V-Day for any overseas purchases. However, if you require your order before then, please contact us for express international shipping options. 


We hope you have a fantastic day ahead
- The Brickheads Collectables Team

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