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Brickheads Collectables

Hello Kitty (PINK) 12" inch Squishmallows ~ Hello Kitty 2023 SQUAD ~ In Stock!

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Important Note:

Due to their Squishy nature, all Squishmallows arrive to us with creases and lines from being packed, direct from the supplier. We cannot guarantee that the product you will receive won't have any fabric lines or creases. However, many of these come out if you choose to wash your Squishmallow! For a comprehensive guide, visit the official Squishmallows website under FAQ!
Please note, some Squishmallows arrive to us with some marks and washable marks. We are not able to refund or replace any of these Squishmallows as they are more often than not, machine or hand washable. They arrive like this to us sealed in cases and direct from the manufacturer, and they are only sent out to us because they have been approved and have passed Quality Control. We do not get refunds for these sorts of marks, as they’re not considered defects and these items are still considered fit for purpose. Please contact us if there are other defects, and we will resolve this.